Monday to Friday
Ade akye abia: 6:30-10am 
Branch mix: 10am -12am
Captivating Sports: 1pm -2pm
Drive time:   3pm-6pm
Happy hour:  7pm - 12midnight

Weekly programs
Tuesdays: Obra 2pm -3pm
Thursdays: Apomoden Mmre 2pm-3pm
Live worship
Mondays 2pm-3pm
Wednesdays 2pm-3PM
Fridays 2pm-3pm

Saturday programs
Reggae music: 7am-8:30am
The point: 8:30am -11:30am
Entertainment news: 11:30am -1pm
Sports: 1pm-3pm
Saturday special: 3pm - 6pm
Hot seat:  6pm-8pm.
Weekend special: 8pm -12midnight

Sunday programs
Asore Mmre:  7am-10am
Omotuo Special: 10am to 12midday
After Church:   12mdday-3pm
Commentary box: 3pm - 6pm
Weekend Special: 6pm - 12midnight

Location: Nzema Ayinase /Azuleti
Studio lines: 0249087611 and 0505234888
Marketing: 0249086811